Monday, January 17, 2011

Mail Art Show About Jesus!

Sharon Silverman is hosting a fantastic Mail Art show in Haverhill, MA from March through May 2011. The subject is The Face of Jesus and below is the information so that you, too can be part of this exhibit. Outsider artists, tattoo artists and graffiti artists are also welcome to submit your art. When this show is over, Sharon will search for another city, and another state.
She writes to me, "Since none of the work is for sale and it is shown to the public for free, I can usually get great press and large audiences....which ultimately gives both me and my fellow artists more publicity. I can't do these shows all the time, but it certainly has proved very worthwhile for me to do them once in awhile. I always choose a topic / theme that interests me as an artist or some kind of message I am interested in putting out to the world...staying true to myself gives me the energy and stamina I need to sustain moving this show around."
Here are three mail art pieces which have come from Greece, Kentucky and Belgium. Come join the fun! This will be a marvelous and powerful show!

An International MailArt Gallery Exhibition

Theme : The Face of Jesus
Medium : Open
Size : Open
All works must be sent by mail. No email entries. Artists may submit up to 4 pieces. No fee. No jury. No returns.
All works must be signed by the artist and include the artist's address or some sort of contact information.

The Gallery Exhibition will take place March-May 2011 at Angles and Art Gallery, 80 Wingate Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts. This Show is a traveling exhibition. All artists will receive printed documentation, as well as the names and addresses of all participating artists from around the world. Artists will receive publicity online, as well as through the mail. The Show will be open to the public FREE of charge. This is art for art's sake... to be enjoyed by everyone. I am not looking for your political views on Christianity or the Catholic Church. I am specifically documenting the creative ways contemporary artists / mailartists depict the Face of Jesus in the 20th & 21st Century. Do not send shock art or Jesus humor to this mailart call or artwork promoting hate or intolerance. Please pass this on and invite other artists to participate.

Send work to:
The Face of Jesus – An International MailArt Exhibition
c/o Sharon Silverman
P.O. Box 1212
Haverhill, MA 01831