Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pedro Martin DeClet, homage to heros

The collage "Portrait de Genocide", a powerful statement by Pedro Martin DeClet, is typical of his works which examine his personal struggles and those of society. He first started exploring art while incarcerated, and a liberal prison system encouraged his efforts and allowed him to leave the premisses to attend his first show, beyond prison walls. This monumental work honors fallen heros, Latino as well as American Indian. The red pictograph of the human spirit bleeds for them and their sacrifices. Much of Pedro's work is in diary form, and he excels at collage as well as assemblages.
His prison years and his involvement with the Latin Kings are far behind him, only occasionally resurfacing as fodder for his art. Pedro is exquisitely aware of the art world, and the poetry and prose of the most renowned authors and wordsmiths; however, his work is not at all derivative. It is purely his own vision, his own pain. Although completely self-taught, his frequent use of both Latin and Spanish text within his work gives it a unique sophistication. His self-portraits reveal him as he is, sweet, moody, confrontational, scarred, and hopeful. $2500

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jesse Reno paints "Outside the Lines"

Portland artist Jesse Reno is not only a successful self-taught artist,  but also a musician and poet, whose large works will be seen in Mexico City at a gallery show, opening very soon. "Outside The Lines" is one of many of his art books which have been published. Although he suffers from severely diminished eyesight, his paintings sing with their extraordinary colors and fanciful shapes. An earlier work on paper, (11" x 14"), which has been published in Raw Vision Magazine, is available at the gallery. It's title is "Spirit Goat" and it well represents the unique style of this highly talented and revered artist.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Show for Huber

Galerie Horst Dietrich is showing Alexandra Huber a group show in Berlin this month. She will have a one-person-show starting in the beginning of March in the artfair in Karlsruhe. Her work hit the art scene in 1993 and has been a hit at both my gallery and at the Outsider Art Fair in NY. If you missed Basquiat and Dubuffet, this year is a prime time to add to your collection the work of this great up and coming artist. Alexandra's work is appealing and fresh, and is present in many private as well as public collections.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Beverly Kaye Gallery is open......

Welcome to the gallery in Woodbridge, Connecticut, where you can examine first hand all the works offered for sale on this site. Because it's a private space, a phone call ahead of time will ensure someone will be here to meet you. We have portfolios from emerging as well as established artists, including the fields of Outsider art, Artbrut, Folk art, American Indian art and photography. The Sculpture in the Garden Show will be coming up soon, and an invitation will appear on this site. We look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Outsider Artist, Daniel Farber

His business was leather, but his love was photography. On his gravestone are the words "Nature is my God" and his camera is carved over the shoulder of the stone, as if resting there a moment. Daniel Farber's works are in the permanent collection of 123 museums world wide, and he had numerous one man shows. Although he was self-taught, his "Reflections" show received rave reviews at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY and his images appeared in American Heritage, Popular Photography, Modern Photography, and Country Beautiful magazines, as well as on many record album covers. Farber was a prodigious photographer whose work is still widely collected. More than 1,400 dye transfer color prints, 34,000 gelatin silver prints, and 14,000 negatives produced by him are in the collections of U.S. museums and institutions. Vintage images and his book, "Reflections of a Trail Taken" are available through this gallery.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Outsider Artist, Mr. X....Slaveship

Gerald Thornton saw this image of slaves crammed like sardines in the hold of a slave ship, and the image stuck with him for years. The cruelty and absurdity of the entire idea of slavery and the actual floor plan of the ship plan made him sick. Finally he decided to enlarge the image and make a silk screen of it, originally planned as an addition of 100. He wanted the figures of the men to be large enough to capture our attention and make us take a long hard look at our history. Only a handful of these pieces, in fact, were ever made. If you hold the image upright, the ship resembles a bomb. Hmmm.
"Slave Ship", ink on cardboard, 14" x 45", signed Mr. X , #5/100
$500 plus shipping

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Outsider artist, Tom Breen

In honor of the National Black Fine Art Show next weekend in NY, I'm posting this articulated carving of a Black man by New England artist, Tom Breen. Tom is a picker and resells odds and ends of a million different types of items at flea markets in the Northeast. He spends his spare time making these wonderful folk art assemblages. This figure is 20" x 4" and is made from wood, fur, and paint. The arms and legs move and the figure can stand or sit, as desired. Very appealing. $600

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oswaldo Guayasamin, Hero from Ecuador

This signed piece was created by the world renown Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin who died in 1999. Guayasamín used his paintings and sculptures to combat "cruelties and injustices of a society that discriminates against the poor, the indigenous, the afro-ecuadorian and the weak" explains the Guayasamín Foundation, which is a museum dedicated to his works. He never belonged to a political party, but rallied in support of Castro and against the "abuses and aggressions of powerful and imperialistic countries".
He and I corresponded with each other for a brief time, and he generously gifted me this lovely example of his work. The artist was famous for his series illustrating the injustices forced upon mankind and the consequential sorrow. The way he portrayed expressive faces and hands is reminiscent of the works of the late American artist, Ben Shahn. This powerful watercolor measures approx. 13" x 17.5 " and is on good quality paper. A watercolor of this size was auctioned off at Christie's in 1995 for $4600. Asking $2500

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to my world........

I'm a private dealer in Outsider and Artbrut Art and have over 400 images and supporting text on-line. The actual gallery is in Woodbridge, CT and is open by appointment or by chance. The pieces I have chosen to represent are top examples from each of my artists, all of whom have been placed in private as well as museum collections. During the year I deal mainly with works on paper, canvas and board, but in June I hold the annual Sculpture in the Garden show which transforms the property into a dazzling display of recycled metal, stone, and wood, reformed into giant sunflowers, dancers, musicians, horses, robots, dragonflies and garden whimsies. The gallery has been awarded as a Forbes Magazine "Best of the Web", and "Incredible Art Site of the Week" for months running!
Welcome to my world!

Outsider Art by Harper

Ann Harper is an accomplished clinician and advocate for children, besides being a crackerjack artist. Her paintings are dark, deep, and fascinating, her imagination, boundless. This spectacular painting, titled from a line from Credidimus Jovem Ragnari by James Russell Lowell is called "Pretty Dears". The line is " A doll stuffed out with hopes and fears, too homely for us pretty dears."
The little girl protectively clings to her doll, as they both seem to wait for an uncertain future. The painting has gallery wrapped edges, not requiring framing, and measures 24" x 36" x 2". The price is $1650. The smoothly textured black background does not reflect the glare of this photo. Many of Ann Harpers paintings sell in galleries for $4000 to $5000, so this is a very reasonable price. A gallery favorite!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Outsider Artist, Maurice Hansen, Jr.

Maurice Hansen was a brilliant artist and friend, living valiantly with schizophrenia. He produced hundreds of painting, drawings, and books, and died way too soon. This painting was created after Maurice read about a homeless man who froze to death on the streets on NY, partly because someone thoughtlessly threw water out a window and soaked him on a frigid December night. The painting is entitled "Death of Lazarus" and has a folk aesthetic in pastel shades, despite the tragic meaning. Hansen's paintings are in major collections in the US and after his discovery, by gallerist Chris Butler, he celebrated his first one man show at the Aetna Galleries in Hartford, CT. Oil on canvas, 36' x 48" $1600.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Outsider Artist, a New Orleans favorite

Roy Ferdinand was a beloved New Orleans artist who had great compassion for the arts and the people in his community. His paintings often portrayed the street life he knew, including the seamy side of the town. In this well composed piece, he depicts a man, taking a moment on his porch for reflection and a beer, watched over by his alert and trusty dog. Last year a presentation of the artist's works were the topic of a lecture at the American Museum of Folk Art in NY. For fans of the late Mr. Ferdinand, this is an easy piece to live with. It's mixed media on paper (26" x 32") in a beautiful maple frame, and very well priced at $700.
Recently released from a private collection.