Monday, November 5, 2012

Mark Ashton Vey: The Music Continues

Mark Vey paints trees. Trees are the living memory of his childhood in Scotland. They obviously have had a profound impact on him. Vey calls his style "Musicalism".
Vey says he plays on the canvas like a musician which makes the trees dance in the colors of his music and surrealist style.
"My musical success is the past, but the music is still alive in my paintings." Once upon a time, using the name Mark Ashton,  he played in a band called Rare Bird, which opened for the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. He traveled the world with the band and their first single called "Sympathy" became an international hit. But Vey now makes make music on canvas with acrylic paints. You can hear that music in each artwork and the movement of his trees is mesmerizing. The seductive colors he uses are quite hypnotic.

Vey has exhibited in New York, London, Barcelona, St. Tropez, Aix-An Provence, Nice, and Hamburg. His paintings are on permanent display in various galleries around the world, and they are in many important collections,  including that of Julian Lennon. After 3 years painting in Spain, he now lives and paints in Nice Côte d’Azur France. He is represented by a London dealer and, luckily for us, the music continues on.