Friday, September 4, 2009

Judge for yourselves, the ART of Chris Mars

I'm simply giving you a quote and posting three works......the art of Chris Mars speaks volumes for itself. Do click on the title and spend some time ruminating on his works. It might not be your style, but boy, is he talented.
"From my hands, my mission: To free the oppressed; to champion the persecuted, and the submissive; to liberate through revelation the actualized Self in those proposed by some to have no self at all. It’s in every single one of us, somewhere underneath that word on our chest.
In my hands, my version: All art is political in some sense, be it through conformity, reflection, propaganda or rebellion. My paintings are rallies and trials, photographs of a moment when Truth was made public, and Mercy known.
Question why a villain is villainized, a victim martyred. Ask why a group is demonized, and the motives for control. See for yourself what the truth looks like in your hands. Dig it up and hold it for a while. This work you see, it’s my Truth. But please don’t take my word for it."


  1. Brilliant creations!!! A colorful and intense macabre satire.

  2. An art book about Bruegel was the very first book that I bought at a very young age and I never looked back. I live with hundreds of books and live for art. Chris Mars work is inspirational and terrifying at the same time to me, just like my first art experience with Bruegel

  3. These are incredible. Such thought! Ah, I love it :)